Anger Management After Brain Injury Description

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In Understanding Anger After TBI, mTBI or Concussion:
Learn Symptoms, Triggers, Anger Management Strategies, Techniques, Therapy, Relationship Concerns, What Can Be Expected, Resources

Are you or a close one struggling to manage anger after a brain injury? This book provides a comprehensive overview of anger, its impact on individuals with TBI, and practical tips and tools to manage anger and other mood disorders. Written for TBI survivors, their families, health professionals and caregivers, this book will help you:

  • Achieve improved emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being
  • Enjoy a higher quality of life
  • Understand the complexities of anger and the impact of TBI
  • Implement evidence-based strategies to manage anger

In this book, you’ll also learn about the role of family, healthcare providers, and caregivers in managing anger in individuals with TBI, and explore future directions for research on anger and TBI.

This book will teach you the following topics, among others, each with a focus on ;

  • How to navigate the challenges associated with TBIs and mTBIs
  • How to help someone with a TBI
  • How to approach recovery from TBI whether you are the injured person or their loved ones
  • Strategies for recovering from TBI
  • Understanding the Physiology of Anger
  • The Role of Neuroplasticity in TBI and Anger Management
  • Identifying Anger Triggers and Warning Signs
  • Strategies for Recognizing and Preventing Anger Outbursts
  • Strategies and Skills for Anger Management
  • Psychological Interventions for Anger Management
  • Therapy and Techniques for Anger Management
  • Neuroplasticity and anger management in TBI survivors
  • Navigating Challenges in Anger Management
  • Strategies for Dealing with Depression, anxiety, social phobia, or anger after a concussion
  • Discussion of how a multidisciplinary approach can improve outcomes for TBI patients with anger management difficulties
  • Current Research in Anger Management and Future Directions
  • Supporting TBI Survivors in Anger Management
  • Addressing Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

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